Cut-flower Farmers and Author

Lisa Mason Ziegler is a cut-flower farmer, author, and speaker on organic cut-flower gardening. Lisa has been farming since 1998 in southeastern Virginia on the Ziegler family homestead. In season her urban 3-acre farm produces thousands of stems of flowers and an abundance of vegetables each week. Lisa has sold her flowers to florists, supermarkets, at farmers’ markets, and her members-only on-farm market.

In 2011, Lisa self-published The Easy Cut Flower Garden. Her program travels began to spread from Texas to Oregon to New York City and she went on to author two more books: Cool Flowers: How to Grow and Enjoy Long-Blooming Hardy Annual Flowers Using Cool Weather Techniques (St. Lynn’s Press, 2014) and Vegetables Love Flowers: Companion Planting for Beauty and Bounty in 2018 (Cool Springs Press, 2018). Lisa has appeared on the local TV program “Real Virginia” and has made radio appearances with Niki Jabbour and C.L. Fornari, as well as podcast interviews on “Slow Flowers,” “Living Homegrown,” “Mother Earth News,” and the “Urban Farm.”

Session 1: Vegetables Love Flowers, Friday, March 8, 10:30 – 12:00 noon

Learn how to have an organic garden where good bugs eat bad bugs, pollinators are abundant and the beautiful bouquet on the table came from your garden! Lisa tells all as she shares why flowers are the missing piece in many gardens, that flowers complete the circle of life to growing an organic garden. Flowers attract pollinators, beneficial insects and other good creatures.

Topic: Grow Cut Flowers For Profit, Friday, March 8, 1:00 – 2:30 pm

Learn the ins and outs of field-grown cut flowers for profit from veteran flower farmer Lisa Mason Ziegler. She discusses tips for getting started, who you can sell to, what to grow and how to sell cut flowers commercially. Flower farming can become a part of your homestead or your urban home with little investment. Ziegler’s urban 1-1/4 acre cutting gardens produce thousands of stems each week in season.