Chef, Owner, Grown and Grazed

More than 20 years in the restaurant and hospitality industry have provided me with the skills, knowledge and experience required to succeed in a multitude of service industry careers. In 2012 I began Bourgeois Restaurant Group, LLC. BRG has and will continue to allow me to put to use my skills, knowledge and experience, through consulting and concept generation and development. Grown and Grazed, a scratch local Food Truck concept will debut in December 2017 as BRG’s first retail food outlet in Historic Downtown Ruston, Louisiana.

Topic: The Buyers Perspective, Friday, March 8, 1:00 – 2:30 pm

The Buyers’ Perspective panel will feature panelists from a variety of disciplines including grocery stores, to-go food sellers, and restaurant owners. We’ll explore how they source their supplies, what they look for in local sources, tips on becoming a supplier, and if there are local/state laws that must be followed.