Livestock Farmer and Owner, Smith Family Farms

Craig Smith initiated his agricultural pursuits in high school with an entrepreneurial class project: making money with meat goats. He put his ideas into practice and quickly moved from goats to sheep to cows. With an Animal Science degree from Louisiana Tech University, Craig launched a full-time career as a first-generation farmer raising cattle, sheep, and pigs. With limited pasture available, he manages grasses and utilizes pasture rotations to provide “natural” meats. In 2018, Craig and his business partners opened The Roaming Butcher in Shreveport, a craft butchery helping producers process and promote local meats. Recently, the North Louisiana Agri-Business Council named Craig, Young Agricultural Producer.

Panel Discussion: The Sellers Perspective, Friday, March 8, 10:30 – 12:00 noon

The Sellers’ Perspective panel will feature panelists who utilize various outlets for their products – grocery stores, farmers’ markets, direct-to-consumers, specialty shops, etc. We’ll investigate how and why they made the choices they did and the pros and cons they see with each outlet. There will be a Q&A period for the audience.